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Evergreen Defenders
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  • Olympia DUI and Criminal Defense Attorney

    Compassionate Advocacy and Aggressive RepresentationChirichillo Law

    As you ride in the back of a police car to be processed for a criminal charge you never feel more alone. Will you keep your job? Will you be seen in a stigmatized manner? What will happen? At Evergreen Defenders in Olympia, Washington, we assure our clients that they will not handle this alone because one of us will be by their side.

    Even the best-intentioned people can make mistakes. One drink too many or being at the wrong place at the wrong time can result in criminal charges and a subsequent record. Contact us at (360) 943-8999.

    Aggressive Representation with Compassionate Counsel

    At Evergreen Defenders, clients come to us seeking solutions to serious problems that involve charges of DUI or drug possession. They may be facing suspension of their driver's license or feeling that their rights have been violated during a search and seizure. They need honest aggressive representation and tenacious advocacy that our criminal law attorney Sharon Chirichillo displays daily.

    Seeking the Best Options and Outcome for You

    Drunk driving laws are politically charged. Being convicted of a drunk driving charge has serious consequences and cannot be expunged from your record. Too much is at stake to break down and enter a plea of guilty. Evergreen Defenders rarely will advise a client to plead guilty. At our firm, we always fight DUI charges in court.

    As our criminal law attorney, Sharon Chirichillo is licensed in Washington and Oregon States, as well as in Federal Court. Sharon Chirichillo will take that diligent and dedicated approach to help clients facing a variety of state and federal crimes.

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